The Videos You Need to Watch Before Visiting Barcelona

Our picks for the best videos to watch to inspire (and inform) your trip to Barcelona, Spain

With its beautiful architecture, unique foods and old-world charm, it’s no wonder Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in the world. As the third most visited European city behind only London and Paris, Spain boasts some of worlds more extraordinary cathedrals and museums.

The city offers high-end shopping, exquisite cuisine and has one of the top 10 city beaches according to National Geographic magazine, allowing for rest and relaxation after a long day exploring.

With so much to do, planning your vacation can be hard, so to help you get started, we scoured the Internet for some of the best travel videos about Barcelona. Watch these to get inspired, and then start planning your trip using our guides to Barcelona restaurants, hotels and things to do!

A Barcelona City Guide

This city guide video from guidebook publisher Lonely Planet is a great start for anyone traveling to Barcelona for the first time. Learn about the work of architect Antoni Gaudi and satisfy your sweet tooth with the local pastries.

A Day in Barcelona

Join these travelers for what seems to be the best vacation day every. In this stunningly shot video from Zenn Films, you'll lounge at the beach, spend the afternoon shopping while surrounded by gorgeous buildings and waste the night away with great food and a vibrant nightlife. Not too shabby, right?! 

Barcelona Beauty

This video does a great job of capturing the beauty of Barcelona while providing insightful information about the city as well. You’ll see all the wonderful features of the city and learn about the culture, religious views and lots of interesting facts that will enhance your trip.

Barcelona at Night

Enjoy the nighttime beauty of Barcelona with this majestic video.  This video takes a fast-paced and modern look over the city as it explores the streets, the people and the major attractions. Mark this one down for travel inspiration.

Travel Barcelona: Bikes, Beaches, and Beautiful People

Tag along with seasoned travel expert Sonia Gil as she cruises the city streets via bicycle and sees what Barcelona is all about.  There’s people watching, a visit to the Gothic quarter and even a stop at the beach.