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Flying High

More than 40 years on, Baltimore Theatre Project remains true to its avant-garde roots. The intimate venue offers original, experimental shows of dance, music and theater with performers virtually in the laps of the audience. It’s no different November 1 through 11, except that the performers are on high when they premiere For That Which Returns. Mara Neimanis of Baltimore’s In-Flight Theater joins Andrea Burkholder and Sharon Witting of D.C.’s Arachne Aerial Arts to spin tales atop an 18-foot kinetic steel weathervane. Employing spoken word and acrobatics, they blend personal experience and Greek myth to explore the mother-daughter bond. Expect precise, graceful moves from these circus-school alums whom The Washington Post compares to “migrating birds flying in formation.” Lucky for would-be aerialists, the performers gladly share the secrets of flight. Oct. 31 at 3 pm, they lead a workshop for mothers and daughters.