“Jesus Christ Superstar” Comes to Atlanta April 2022

The show is set to run from April 19 to April 24 at the Fox Theatre. 

The world-famous musical production is coming to Fox Theatre this April for a limited run as part of its national tour. Loosely inspired by the life of Jesus Christ and his 12 disciples, the award-winning rock opera brings music from Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice to the stage in Atlanta. We chatted with cast member Tyce Green about the show, the national tour and his time in Atlanta. 

Cast of "Jesus Christ Superstar" Atlanta | WhereTraveler
Cast of "Jesus Christ Superstar" (©Matthew Murphy)

“Jesus Christ Superstar” Opens in Atlanta

WT: Can you tell me about your experience with the national tour?
Green: I've been with this JCS tour since it launched in the fall of 2019. We had a little "break" during COVID (like every other show), but we came back stronger than ever. This is a show that everyone knows— everyone has a "I remember when" story attached to "Jesus Christ Superstar." I'm grateful for the loud audiences who come KNOWING the show and are basically sitting and singing along in their seats. I try to make eye contact with them ;) 

WT: Please tell me about your character.
Green: Annas is second-in-command of the high priests. He and Caiaphas are in cahoots with their plot to kill Jesus (spoiler alert, but you've probably read the book). As religious leaders, they don't want the crime on their hands, so they pass the deed onto Pilate. Annas is basically Caiaphas' sidekick (Think Iago to Jafar in "Aladdin"). He's high energy, always has a trick up his sleeve, and gets positively giddy over any evil scheme—muahaha!

WT: What is the process like when you prepare for a new city?
Green: I love traveling to new cities. A national tour is typically built to be easily duplicated in new cities, so thankfully it's not a brand new show every time. That makes it easier to acclimate and take in a new city’s attitude. I’m a BIG foodie so exploring new restaurants is one of my favorite things to do. I notoriously have a 4-star Yelp rule (sorry, not sorry)! 

There are a few differences in our show each new city. On Tuesdays before the first show, we do a sound check and we walk around backstage. Depending on how the theater is set up, sometimes there's lots of backstage room, sometimes very little, so our entrances and exits can change. The changes keep it fresh and new, though!

WT: Is there anything you're looking forward to seeing during your run in Atlanta?
Green: Everyone RAVES about the Fox Theatre so I'm really excited to be performing there! And I hear the food in Atlanta is out of this world.

WT: How has the show undergone any changes in order to account for additional health and safety measures—how are the cast staying safe?
Green: Definitely a lot of changes! We have a dedicated COVID Officer who travels with us and her job is to make sure everyone tests and wears masks and that we stay updated with the latest health measures. Everyone in the show is vaccinated and boosted. Overall, we have a pretty great environment and we err on the stricter side of safety, regardless of what state or city we're in.