Discover Southern Music's Roots with Unexpected Virtual Tours

Atlanta tour operator combines history with fun on interactive field guides and trips

Just like everyone else, tour operators have had to pivot in this unsure economy. Previously known for their popular walking tours, Unexpected Atlanta is thriving in the online space with its revamped operation, Unexpected Virtual Tours

The company's latest tour, Music Evolution + Moonshine, introduces guests to Southern music's beginnings in West Africa and follows it through today's modern music styles, such as country-trap and hip hop. Meet iconic singers who helped paved the way for Southern music's success, and play along with the in-house musician, who'll sing live on the tour, on which Nashville is the featured city. 

The engaging tours are brought to life by a cast of dynamic storytellers who are well-steeped in the knowledge they're sharing. For a look at past tours, visit the Unexpected Virtual Tours Facebook page.

As always, tours include a food and beverage component, and on this one you'll learn about the history of moonshine—and how to make a moonshine cocktail. 

Music Evolution + Moonshine tour treat box

Don't forget to download the Kahoot! trivia app on your smartphone ahead of time so you'll be ready to jump in and test your knowledge for bragging rights. 

Tours are $10 for a Zoom link; a treat box can be order for an additional charge. September's is a Nashville treat box, which features Willa's Moonshine Shortbread, a musical ad libs game, a moonshine cocktail recipe, kazoos and a Goo Goo Cluster. Book now, tours take place September 10, 17 and 25 at 7:30 pm and September 12, 19 and 26 at 7 pm EST. 

Not only are the tours great for travel enthusiasts who want to discover another side of Atlanta, they're also the perfect online learning opportunity for students, to add a new perspective to their education. The student version of the tour, Music Evolution + Chocolate Virtual Field Trip, is age-appropriate with more kazoo playing and singing, Goo Goo Clusters, Willa's Chocolate Shortbread and, for elementary school-aged kids, puppetry. Discover more about virtual field trips here.

Virtual Field Trips are aligned to Georgia Social Studies Standards of Excellence and Common Core Standards. Schools interested in the remote field trip get a teacher's guide and a discounted student rate.

 Nashville, Tennessee