The Best Food Trucks In Atlanta Right Now

The Weather's Right For Al Fresco Dining

Some of the best chefs in Atlanta are bucking brick-and-mortar restaurants for kitchens on wheels.

Discover Top ATL Food Trucks

Food truck popularity has been rising for years, and some of the most creative dishes are coming out of these mobile kitchens. Food truck locations can change at the drop of a hat, so be sure to follow your favorite trucks on social media to know where they're parked today.

Bento Bus

Japan is known for its incredible street food stalls, and Bento Bus is bringing a taste of those flavors to Atlanta. The healthy, Japanese-inspired fusion cuisine is easy to eat on the street or on the go. Handheld treats include sushi burritos with flavors like teriyaki chicken and rice, Asian BBQ, and marinated tofu. They're also stuffed with avocado, cucumber, and tempura crunch before being rolled in perfectly cooked rice and seaweed paper. If you'd prefer to use utensils, all three "surritos" also come in bowl form. The crispy marinated tofu nachos with pico, lettuce, roasted corn, queso, and the special sauce is a great shareable street snack.

Japanese fusion on the street | WhereTraveler
Japanese fusion on the go (Courtesy of Bento Bus)

The Queso Truck

The Queso Truck started its life in L.A. but moved to Atlanta in 2019. The bright, pink-striped truck was so successful there's now a physical Queso Shop too. One of its signature items, the "Surfer Burrito," embodies CaliMex cuisine and is stuffed with tater tots, queso, carne asada, beans, pico, guacamole, and crema. Swap out the carne asada for pork belly or chicken, if you want. There are four kinds of tacos and quesadillas, and either can be piled high with chicken, carne asada, pork belly, or veggies. Tacos are served on flour tortillas, but corn tortillas are available upon request. If you're feeding a crowd, go for the "Family Meal," which comes with a whole Mexican-spiced rotisserie chicken, ten tortillas, a choice of two sides, salsa verde, chips, and queso.

Nothing but smiles at The Queso Truck | WhereTraveler
All smiles at The Queso Truck (Courtesy of The Queso Truck)

Sunshine Alchemy

Forget processed snacks and sugary beverages! Sunshine Alchemy is the one-stop shop for plant-based eats and cocktails. Using sustainable and local (when possible) ingredients, owner Jasmine Beck creates seasonal snacks and cocktails out of a converted FBI box truck. After a couple of drinks, you'll want to try the "Over The Top Tots," which can be served with Impossible taco meat and authentic jack cheese or jackfruit and pickled cabbage. Beck is also serving Impossible burgers and sloppy Joe's. Snacks are vegan-ish, but it's easy to leave off the cheese. If you're looking for a sweet treat, the Rice Krispie treat comes covered in chocolate sauce and mini marshmallows. 

Own Jasmine Beck | WhereTraveler
Owner Jasmine Beck (Courtesy of Sunshine Alchemy/Facebook)

Refuge Coffee Co.

The name suggests a haven, and that's exactly what Refuge Coffee Co. is working towards. It is helping to support the refugee community in Clarkson by creating a safe haven and job support. The 501c3 non-profit creates coffee-related jobs, job training, and social commerce for refugees in the area to help them build a life and therefore enrich the neighborhood with global community values. The two-truck fleet serves everything from pour-overs to macchiatos. Non-coffee drinks include a variety of teas, chai lattes, and ginger-lime soda. Take home a 12 or four-ounce blend of the house coffee to brew at home.

Refuge Coffee Co. is supporting the refugee community | WhereTraveler
The global community starts locally (Courtesy of Refuge Coffee Co./Facebook)


Fusion foods are all the rage, and Yumbii is dishing out some of the best Korean-Mexican fusions in Atlanta. It's a sister to The Queso Truck, and it bears the family resemblance in the bright colors and far-out food. At $4 a pop, the tacos are a fantastic snack. Try the marinated tofu with a spicy Korean sauce and a soy-sesame vinaigrette salad. A local favorite is the Yumbii take on a Philly sandwich. The French sub is loaded with your choice of protein, sriracha queso, onions, and cucumber kimchi. Don't skip the fries! They were voted in the top 10 best fries in the U.S. Served hot and fresh and sprinkled with sesame oil, salt, and chili flakes with a side of homemade chipotle ketchup; you don't want to miss them.

Yumbii's fries were voted in the top 10 best fries in America | WhereTraveler
Korean-Mexican fusion with street cred (Courtesy of Yumbii)