New ID Technology is Here

Incode and The Jumeirah Group have introduced a new method of ID verification.

With identity theft a constant concern for travelers, the technology that allows guests to utilize their facial signatures has been long-awaited. Incode recently rolled out just that—the technology for hotel guests to use their faces to open hotel rooms, charge items to their hotel bill and streamline the guest experience across the board. We talked with the team at Incode about the new ID verification and its partnership with The Jumeirah Group

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(Courtesy Incode)

Facial ID Verification & Hospitality

WT: Can you tell us about the process of creating the technology for this high level of identity verification?
Incode: Incode’s technology is built on the following approach:

  • A fully automated platform that doesn’t require manual, human-centric assessments in remote call centers. With advancements in machine learning, technology can enhance speed, privacy and accuracy to strike the perfect balance between onboarding in seconds while eliminating rampant fraud.
  • Rather than force ill-fitting 3rd party OEM technologies into unnatural workflows, Incode has invested in an industry-leading level of R&D and developer resources for purpose-built, fully-integrated modules necessary for frictionless experiences. This approach not only guarantees rapid innovations but ensures scalable commercial models.
  • A fundamentally unique and differentiated approach to privacy. It begins with a platform that eliminates the need for human analysts to access data. Its purpose-built modules eliminate unaudited access from a sprawl of third-party vendors. As an anchor point for privacy initiatives, it can be deployed in the Cloud, on-premises or in hybrid architectures, giving flexibility to your residency controls. And your personal data is handled in accordance with partnerships formed with governments across the world.

WT: Will the verification process be rolled out all at once or a little at a time?
Incode: Incode is always innovating. We regularly enhance and tune the speed, accuracy and privacy controls across the platform.

WT: What makes Jumeirah Group the perfect partner for this technology?
Incode: They are visionaries in luxury guest experiences and are paving the way for a new generation of highly curated and personalized services. It is the partner we can work with to create an experience that brings a ‘wow’ factor, creating ‘aha’ moments across every touchpoint in the guest journey. By remodeling and removing friction across these experiences, we are building trust and creating delight between hotels and their customers.

WT: How much faster does this streamline the guest experience compared to traditional processes?
Incode: It depends on the transaction, but any interaction can be improved severalfold.

(Courtesy Incode) | WhereTraveler
(Courtesy Incode)